Contains GEO Tracking and 8 Tools that most Android users will find handy. is a free Android app that belongs to the category Tools & Utilities. View full description is a free Android app that belongs to the category Tools & Utilities.

More about is available for users with the operating system Android 4.0 and higher, and you can get it only in English. The app version is 2.5 and its last update happened on 7/21/16.

The install size of depends on the device.

Since we added this app to our catalog in 2014, it has obtained 203 installations, and last week it achieved 0 download.

GEO Tracking and Handy Tools

GEO Tracking :

(1) The app records in the background, periodically every 1 minute / never, from startup of android system, the latitude, longitude, altitude and operator time obtainable from GPS / WIRELESS.

Handy Tools (Launcher and 11 Tools) :

(0) Launcher - all available actions in one page

(1) Switcher - master switch that stores different settings of Profiler / Commander / Scheduler / Trigger / Forwarder

(2) Profiler - setting of user preferences

(3) Commander - setting of serial, time-delayed steps

(4) Scheduler - setting of scheduled activities

(5) Trigger - setting of triggered activities (no pressy needed)

(6) Forwarder - automatic / on-request forwards incoming SMS / phone call and controlling of another phone via SMS

(7) Timer - allows timed (countdown and simultaneous) starting of :

- command #1 - #17

- sound ringtone

- sound alarm

(8) Emergency Dialler - allows triggered starting of :

- adjust system settings for emergency

- send SMS messages to 7 phone numbers

- call 1 phone number with speakerphone ON (Audio Recording)

(9) Torch - turns flash led on or turn screen brightness to maximum, strobing of light can be selected

(10) Compass - shows directions / strength of magnetic field

(11) Unit Converter - converts between :

- currencies (32 units from ECB, 140 from Yahoo, internet connection needed for daily update)

- 9 units of length, 11 of weight, 7 of area, 14 of volume, 6 of speed, 3 of temperature, 4 of fuel consumption, 35 of base number

- QR encoding

- displays information about clothing sizes of men / women.

The app is probably (at this moment) as good as any Android automation / customization app currently available, except that :

(1) it is free, has been coded solo by founder of so that it can act as an interface to services provided by the website (also a good chance for founder to work on something he also finds useful and familiarize with Android's development environment and Java)

(2) it does not require setting of labyrinth of rules, no programming skills required, most logic processed so only simple logic is required

(3) it should be intuitive to use as all settings of automation / customization can be set in only 7 brief, scrollable pages without co

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